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Horizontal Directional Boring

Our advanced boring technology allows us to create pathways for conduit and fiber optic cable without disrupting the surface, preserving the integrity of landscapes and minimizing disruptions to communities.

Cable Plows

Utilizing state-of-the-art cable plows, we seamlessly bury cable underground, ensuring a secure and reliable connection while minimizing environmental impact.

Missile Crews

Our skilled missile crews excel in accurately installing conduit and fiber optic cable through a process that combines precision and speed, guaranteeing robust connectivity.

Mini Excavators

Our fleet of mini excavators ensures precision in tight spaces, enabling us to deliver our services even in challenging environments.


Fiber Splicing Excellence

At Fiber X, we are the driving force behind the seamless connection that powers modern communication. As a dedicated leader in the field of underground infrastructure, we specialize in the construction and placement of conduit and fiber optic cable, enabling the flow of high-speed internet and phone services that connect communities and fuel progress.

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Why Choose Fiber X?

Join forces with Fiber X and experience construction and splicing prowess like never before. Let us turn your visions into reality and your connections into unbreakable links.

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Construction Excellence

From aerial construction that reaches for the skies to precise directional boring that navigates below ground, Fiber X is your unparalleled partner for construction solutions. Our skilled and dedicated team rises to every challenge, ensuring that even the most ambitious project benchmarks are not just met but exceeded. With unwavering commitment, we align our work with your scheduling and budgeting plans, creating a seamless journey from vision to reality.


Fiber Splicing Mastery

Navigating the intricacies of fiber optics, coax, and copper cable splicing is second nature to our highly trained specialists at Fiber X. Armed with cutting-edge equipment and refined techniques, we seamlessly weave together these vital components, forging connections that stand strong and stable. Our meticulous approach ensures minimal signal losses, paving the way for uninterrupted communication pathways.

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